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What to Consider when Choosing a Smart Thermostat

Buying Guidance

For the average American household, almost half of the annual energy bill goes to heating and cooling – in most cases, it represent a spending of more than $900 a year. Being smart about how you control your temperature settings with an ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat will help you save money and stay comfortable in your home at all time.

Each product uses slightly different features to help homeowners save energy, so we suggest that before buying a "smart" thermostat, you do your research. Make sure to choose the ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat that is right for you, as many options are offered on the marketplace and . they vary in pricing and features.

Common ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat features may include:

· Remote Control:

. Using your Smartphone, allowing you to adjust the temperature in your home from anywhere using an internet connection.

· Geofencing:

. This feature allows your thermostat to detect when you have left for the day and will ‘set back’ your HVAC system (heating or cooling system) and save money on your heating or A/C bill. Most "smart" thermostat will even allow you to program your schedule or to remotely start your system, or increase or decrease the temperature. For example, if you are on your way back home at a different time then usual, from your phone you can automatically and remotely adjust the temperature to ensure that you arrive to a comfortable home.

· Learning temperature preferences:

.Certain ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostats can learn your preferences automatically and establish a schedule that adjusts to energy-saving temperatures when you are asleep or away.

· Over-the-Air Updates:

. Your thermostat may update its software periodically to ensure it uses the latest algorithms and energy-saving features available.

Buying tips:

· Make sure the smart thermostat you purchase is compatible with your heating and cooling system. For the very highest efficiency heating and cooling equipment, you may want a controller from the same company. (E.g. Air conditioner rated at 20 SEER or higher).

· If your smart thermostat uses WIFI, make sure it is reasonably close to the router to prevent periodic disconnections. If your thermostat is too far from your router, consider a WIFI range extender, which can improve overall connectivity.

ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostats are also designed to be compatible with the programs that some local utilities offer, providing home owners in their service territory with incentives to help them manage reliability.

Source: Energy saving report - Dec 2020

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